About Us

Hi, I’m Rosie, the owner of BBR – Bikinis by Rosie. I was born and raised in the Northern Murmansk Oblast, Russia. I came to the USA when I was 19 with a big dream of building my future in the place of endless opportunities. Growing up in a frugal lower middle class family, we always made EVERYTHING at home, from scratch and that included clothes too. I always knew I had a calling for fashion design since I was little, it all started with me sewing clothes for my dolls from scraps of fabric that I could find around the house, then eventually I started sewing my own clothes and most of the time I would get in trouble for spending too much time sewing, I was constantly told to “just stop”. My parents didn’t believe that fashion design will put me on a strong financial path, they never considered this to be a serious career, so I followed their advise and in 2004 I graduated from MSTU (Murmansk State Technical University), Russia with Bachelors in World Economics and International Business Relationships major.

It was only later in my 30’s I decided to pursue my passion and discovered the love for bodybuilding. I was able to connect the dots and incorporate the love for the sport with design. In 2019 I competed in my first bodybuilding competition. After purchasing a competition suit, I was not completely satisfied with its fit. I could tell it was not made for me. I didn’t have to think twice, I simply started with some rough sketches, fabric and a sewing machine in my kitchen and made my very first competition suit! I was hooked, I couldn’t stop since then, and BBR was born! Early on I learned the importance of having an impeccably fitted, well-designed quality suit and how it could help you bring your very best package on stage and compliment your hard- earned physique. One size does not fit all, here at BBR no suit is made the same. Every suit is handmade, hand stoned from scratch and custom-fitted for you!

I am self-taught and I consider myself a "forever student," eager to learn and evolve every day. My mission is to motivate and inspire other women like myself while helping them to bring their best look to stage. 

BBR is well-known for our exceptional quality and customer service over the past several years in the business. We are a small team (me), and we pride ourselves in ability to provide a personalized one on one experience with each and every customer.

We are located in sunny Aventura, FL and we ship in USA, Canada and Worldwide.

We welcome you to book your appointment to design your suit and look forward to working with you!