How to measure for a competition suit order

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When placing an order for a competition suit, please provide competition day measurements:

(Measure around)

  1. Height / Weight
  2. Bust / Bra cup size
  3. Under bust
  4. Waist
  5. Hip bone
  6. Glutes
  7. Please submit your most recent check-in photos (front/ back/side pose) to


*Please consult with your coach regarding the best style that suits your physique. 

BOTTOMS BACK coverage:

  • Micro Regular ( recommended for a PRO stage seasoned athlete)
  • Micro Petit ("microscopic" our smallest cut, recommended for a petit competitor)
  • Pro Cut (most desired among NPC athletes)
  • Brazilian ( is designed for a conservative competitor - covers enough and shows enough)
  • Full Coverage (full modest coverage, is available upon request)


  • Scoop
  • V - Front
  • Straight (high rise, recommended for C-section scar)
  • Signature BBR's front (Slight V design)
  • Wellness (Euro Style without connectors)
  • Wellness V (with Connectors)
  • Figure V front (with connectors)
  • Figure V front (without connectors)


  • BBR's Signature style - triangle teardropRegular (includes shaping padding)
  • Molded cup (+$65)
  • Underwire Bra (+$100)
  • Long and Narrow
  • Long Standard
  • Traingle

Posing suits:

Disclaimer: Our posing suits are designed to show off your hard work!

You can choose your desired coverage of course and all suits are made to order, based  your specific measurements. However, if you are purchasing a ready to ship pre-designed suit, they are made with our standard design (PRO Cut Bottoms and Standard front coverage). Your posing suit will fit differently depending on your current physique, please order accordingly to your current season.