Rental Policy


Thank you so much for choosing BBR for your Show DAY!  

2 WEEKS TERM, every additional week $50 (2 additional weeks MAXIMUM extension) 

LATE fee $75 

Damage fee $50 (reparable condition) 

Damage fee (beyond reparable condition) $ full retail value (up to $800) 

Refundable deposit $100 

Rental Fee - $180-$200 

  • Deposit, your show date, show name, signed rental agreement, CC authorization, valid form of ID and Instagram handle are REQURED to reserve the rental suit. The suit will be shipped out in advance. 
  • All suits must be returned clean, please WASH the suit after your competition. See cleaning instructions included with your suit. All suits that are returned dirty will be charged a $50 cleaning fee. 
  • Please be incredibly careful when putting your suit on, the connectors are a very delicate part of the suit and even though we use high quality connectors it requires extra care. Do not twist or pull hard on them, always make sure to stretch the suit fabric first. If the connectors broke while you were using the suit you will not be responsible for this damage, however we will need to be notified as soon as possible.  
  • A $100 refundable deposit is included in the price and is REQUIRED prior to shipment. (Refunded after suit is returned and inspected for damages).  All suits will be inspected after each use and in the event of any damage caused by you, fees apply at our discretion. (Refer to fee section). 
  • ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED - Please DO NOT APPLYANY GLUE, bikini adhesive or bikini bite etc. to rental suits.   
  • NO Alterations are allowed. NO adjustments can be made by you to the suit, and it must be returned to its original condition, if the suit returned damaged you will be charged a restoration fee. You are (the renter) the only person who can wear the suit, if the suit is loaned to another competitor, you will be charged a second rental fee. 
  • If you decide not to compete or your competition is canceled for any reason, we must be notified ASAP, only store credit can be issued. Please return the suit per normal protocol. 
  • Prior to ordering. Please make sure to read the suit description and confirm it is your correct size as no further adjustments or alterations can be made to rental suits, connectors can be replaced for $70 fee. Not all connectors can be replaced due to a specific suit(s) design. Please email us to see if the suit you selected can be altered. NOTE: These are rental suits and are made using standard patterns and therefore custom fit is not guaranteed. If the suit does not fit, we must be contacted within 48 hours (about 2 days) so we can do our best to fix the fitting issue. Surreal Suits, Bikinis by Rosie LLC or Ruzaliya Garipova will not be held liable for athletes placing in the show due to the color, design or fit of the suit.   
  • Rental suits shipped out 3-5 business days from order date. Rental term starts from the DELIVERED date (per tracking) or RECEIVED in person date and ends from shipped back to us date. 
  • Include your height, weight, hip, waist measurement, so we can fit the bottoms to your measurements. 
  • RETURNING SUITS: The suit must be returned in its original condition along with return form included. Renter is responsible for shipping charges both ways. It is your responsibility to make sure the suit gets delivered back to us. SIGNATURE and TRACKING are A MUST!!!All suits must be received no later than 5 days after your competition. If you need to request an extension, we must be contacted ASAP. After the 2-week term expiration, every additional week is $50 per week, 2 additional weeks MAXIMUM, if the suit is not returned after 4 weeks, full retail value will be charged to CC on file. Please email us back to tracking and signature is required. If you fail to require signature, all lost suits will be charged full retail value to your payment method on file. 
  • You love the suit so much that you do not want to part ways or need it longer than anticipated? Buying it is ALWAYS an option, just email us for pricing! Rental suits can be purchased at below retail value.  
  • YOU will be charged full retail value of the suit ($up to 800) in the event of - 1) suit not returned on time or lost, 2) suit returned damaged beyond repair 3) stained suit (stains other than competition tan)  

 Cannot wait to see you shine on stage in BBR suit! 

Thank you for choosing us for your competition rental needs!